Design Process at Highradius

Design process is crucial for designing products that stand the test of users and market both. It helps to find a sweet spot ensuring both customer and business needs are fulfilled.

Highradius UX Design Process

So, What is Highradius?

Highradius Design Process

  1. Meet the user
  2. Be the user
  3. Make it simple
  4. Design and Prototype
  5. Test and Understand

Meet the user

UX Sweet spot

User Personas

  • Narrow down the user base and define a specific user base they are designing for
  • Define the traits of the user at hand and specify need and pain point of the user

Its best to define atleast two user personas.

User Scenarios

Creating a user story

Journey maps

Journey maps

Empathy maps

Basic skeleton of a Empathy map


Hierarchical Taxonomy

Site map

UX Sitemap.

I hope you are not overwhelmed. Design process is a team task so it helps :D

Lets move to the next step…

Ideation, Feedbacks and Iterations

Let your ideas flow in this phase. No idea is a waste. The more ideas you have the better.

Low fidelity design

Low fidelity design
High fidelity prototype example
  • Getting feedback from users.
  • Observing how they are interacting with the product(a prototype or mockup at this phase)
  • Listening to stakeholders viewpoints on the provided solution
  • Collecting survey to note down users reaction while and after using the product etc.



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